thread A lancashire and hummus sandwich, black trunks.
Email related question - I use eM Client, and uses the favicon from the domain as an icon:

Only sometimes it puts a picture of a person:

Any idea how it picks up that image?
permalink I had a hummus salad at lunch, must be the day for it
I'm currently in a private hospital, it's terrifically posh, they even gave me a biscuit. I feel I should be ill or something to make use of it.
permalink There was hummus in my
mezze box from the food van at lunchtime, as it happens.
permalink I am in Berlin.
I just saw a man with long hair on a recumbent.

permalink I've been back for ten days
so no. But it's a great look, No wonder it catches on.
permalink Hear,
permalink How long for?
I can recommend... things.
permalink Another 2 hours.
or so.
permalink Ah.
Then I recommend remembering to validate your ticket for the bus/U-/S-bahn.
permalink Hi jinx
permalink I was in wigan today
and now i'm in lancaster,

BTW if you know anyone looking for a job, the Holiday Inn Express will be hiring soonish.
permalink I'll soon be based in Lancaster
because apparently living furthest away means I should get the gig. I think I'm being punished.
permalink Glasson Dock is nice, and very convenient.
Are you married? Is that your surname?
permalink it would be if I had changed it,
but I think we can all appreciate why that would make it look like I was taking the piss.
permalink You lost me
permalink I can heartily recommend the 3 mariners pub
lovely food / beer and peoples .

I actually liked lancaster, some nice cycle paths allong the river.
permalink It is nice, but I don't live there,
at the moment I live about a 30min drive from work and now I'll be looking at 40 to an hour depending on traffic.
permalink Thanks. Do ppl apply through their website or do
they use an agency?
permalink not sure, do you have an email address you can ping me and i'll
find out or get you an emial address to send them to
permalink cowjam hat please,
I definite know people who are interested.
permalink Are they using a phone app
which (as apps usually do) hoovers up all their personal data?
permalink But how would my email client get that pic?
Is it embedded or is it looking for it on the sender's domain?
permalink Google e-mail?
It may be pulling it from Google+
permalink This
permalink That makes sense.
permalink I had always assumed
it was some form of dark magic