thread About 8" on the slack, and *very* fat.
I was in an onsen. The locals, who tend to be underhung, couldn't stop looking.

His missus was in the women's bit, apparently, and had a shaved minge
permalink Ah yes. Onsen.
All the cocks I saw in there were tiny and hiuuigely hairy. Apparrently wome's section boasted a similar surfeit of hair.

So Mr Big Cock and Mrs Shaven Minge would definitely be unusual.
permalink I hope you muttered "Hi Cockalorum"
under your breath
permalink Not to mention
Blimmy Hyraki. Which has, by the way, become one of the catchphrases of this trip, along with the Cheesecake Song from the Muppet Show. I also know how to say vegetarian, folding knife, milky tea, men's underwear, trainer liners and 'thank you, that was delicious' in Japanese
permalink Thus leading
to some very confused waiters
permalink Noodles, sloggis, etc?