thread 1988 Witchy
permalink Tokyo Verde 1969
for the cup
permalink Is this some kind of
spy code?
permalink Gatwick North
But where to?
permalink Preveza

Interesting approach. Came in high from the sea (west) over the airport, banked left whilst descending over the bay (east), back more or less over the airport, turned left again, back over, further into the bay and a turn right to finally line up to land heading west. I've never seen an airport so much before landing before. Off quickly, still relying on manual passport check (fast), bags as fast as they could get them I reckon.
permalink they were trying to read the signposts to check it was the right one
permalink I was surprised to learn
That the "sixties basic concrete shed" terminal was built in the 80s
permalink green
And whatever the girlfriend is cooking.
permalink Grey.
Norsk fiskesuppe and a bag of roast beef Monster Munch.
permalink White (well they used to be... I really should replace them)
And McRib Bacon menĂ¼
permalink Black. (I think)
Guilty Pleasure Sausage Roll and pineapple after to make up for it.

permalink but my baby just wants to dance
permalink Now Wash Your Hands.
permalink bah,
I was nearly right :)
permalink i don't understand :( *
*have the greatest hangover in 10yrs
(so far written the outline for two books..worked out the concept for my next gig had eggs and wrote a poem)

the builders are in (that's not a metaphor)
now have to argue with the doctors receptionist.. do not like
permalink Witchy will know this:
Why do we call servers 'tin'?
permalink because they are tiny?
because they are full of beans?
permalink as with everything, there as a naval origin
the original servers were made from discarded submarine batteries, these are referred to by sailors as 'tins' after David Bowie's Tin Machine concept album that made liberal use of submariners and their stored electricity.
permalink obvs.
permalink This sounds surprisingly like the real reason that the travelling wilburys
got their name.
permalink I think it's just because they're essentially metal boxes, isn't it?
that simple?
permalink yep.
a useless tin box until you put an OS on.
permalink But why 'tin'
as the metal?
permalink Because it's quicker to say than
permalink it also has a secondary definition as a slang term for any metal
with a suggestion of flimsiness
permalink presumably because it implies a thin metal
permalink not a clue,
I've always known it as tin, right back to the 80s.
permalink Likewise
but without really thinking about it.

permalink reminds me of this
permalink MrsJam is out.
I've just put Eve to bed. This is a win.