thread Witchy will know this:
Why do we call servers 'tin'?
permalink because they are tiny?
because they are full of beans?
permalink as with everything, there as a naval origin
the original servers were made from discarded submarine batteries, these are referred to by sailors as 'tins' after David Bowie's Tin Machine concept album that made liberal use of submariners and their stored electricity.
permalink obvs.
permalink This sounds surprisingly like the real reason that the travelling wilburys
got their name.
permalink I think it's just because they're essentially metal boxes, isn't it?
that simple?
permalink yep.
a useless tin box until you put an OS on.
permalink But why 'tin'
as the metal?
permalink Because it's quicker to say than
permalink it also has a secondary definition as a slang term for any metal
with a suggestion of flimsiness
permalink presumably because it implies a thin metal
permalink not a clue,
I've always known it as tin, right back to the 80s.
permalink Likewise
but without really thinking about it.

permalink reminds me of this