thread I bought it.

Not suffering any buyer's remorse, whatsoever.
permalink I recently did this with a Land Rover
I'm astonishingly poor now, but don't regret it at all.

edit: it also looks lovely, well done
permalink This cost me more than
any car I have ever bought.
permalink So did the Land Rover
permalink What is it?
Imgur is blocked on this train and I've run out of data on my corporate phone
permalink It is the painting that this is a print of:
permalink Also, at risk of putting a pragmatic downer on things
have you thought about insurance?
permalink Good call.
I will do that now.
permalink Actually, I cannot find the insurance docs.
I will have to ask my wife . . . hmm.
permalink Try https
Instead of http. Gets around our firewall restrictions at work!
permalink I really like that
its a nice picture. Its good as long as you enjoy it.
permalink Lovely
permalink kurt jackson.
Has a German language google entry, no wikipedia entry beside the English one though. Reasonably famous, I' d say. Looks good as well. Got a good spot to hang it?
permalink You've hung it wonky
permalink I have not hung it at all.
That is on a table.
permalink There's your problem then
permalink hanging's too good for it?
permalink did she like it?
permalink I am saving it for her birthday.
November 16th.
permalink No,
that's my wife's birthday
permalink Oh, God,
This is embarrassing.