thread any of you lot got
a £15 or under VAT receipt for dinner on Thursday 5th night in London? I ate at @cthonic's house and it was lovely but I can't claim anything back for it now....
permalink I'm not really trying to cheat
I've submitted them already. Just bragging about my internet friends feeding me.
permalink There are online receipt generatiors
permalink fair point
I didn't think of that. I should really claim for the cab to the station but forgot to put that in too.
permalink also in this circumstance
I tend to claim the bottle of wine i take round... or similar.
permalink Just write it on a piece of paper and sign it.
That is fine.

I would write it for £35 and then say that you only want to claim £15 of it because you treated yourself.
permalink The evening meal limit
was 15 and no alcohol allowed to be claimed.
permalink Yes, I understand that.
This is my approach to that scenario.

Overspend, only claim part of it.
permalink Out of the box expenses fiddling
stealing imaginary money off of yourself.
permalink This is not fiddling
I often eat meals with friends and stay at their home, then expense the meal in leiu of accommodation, or I have a bottle of something with my meal and mark part of the meal as a personal expense.

This is me not fiddling expenses.
permalink It's total fiddlewangery
and you know it fiddlewanger
permalink Fuck em
it's work and you're away from home.
permalink That's not my point, Jiva's already said no expense over £15 and no alchohol
Manley is trying to fiddlewangle something that doesn't exist out of his arsehole, because he's a great big fiddlewanger.
permalink she's trying to fiddle something
he's suggested a way of fiddling.. it wouldn't mean she gets any more than her £15

what are you really angry about here?
permalink I think that he
jut does not get it.
permalink I'm not getting angry
i just like calling Manley a fiddlewanger
permalink I think that is just wishful thinking on your part.
Go wangle your own viola.
permalink I'm not the fiddlewanger
I'm the fiddlewanger's son
And I'm only wanging fiddles
Till the fiddlewanger comes
permalink That's Numberwang!
permalink Shut