thread But where's your wheelie bin?
permalink Dammit
I can't find the wheeliebinosaurus image

Edit: I lied!
permalink I found that the other day while cleaning my room
I must get that framed
permalink know what's a ballache?
car insurance. How about I promise not to crash and we leave it at that?
permalink Just fit a motor to your wheelie bin
problem solved.
permalink I would
but "the man" says I'm not allowed to take a child in the motorway in one. Political correctness gone mad.
permalink which one?
we have 3
permalink In different locations?
That's bonkers mate, you want to get your wheelie bins under control.
permalink they are normally in a fairly neat row, but the brown one is furthest from the

sometimes it lives in the end of the front garden but we've moved the woodpile there.
permalink I think it's fair to say
this 'board is sometimes not as exciting as it used to be.
permalink The excitement bar was set pretty low to start with
I think a vertically challenged anorexic limbo dancer would have come perilously close to hitting his nostrils
permalink Hang on, isn't this a terribly mixed metaphor?
Doesn't "bar set low" refer to the pole vault, so it means "easy"?
Because "easy" in limbo dancing would be "bar set very high"...

Also, can I tell my Pole Vaulter joke?
The punchline is "Yes, but how did you know my name was Walter?"
permalink Only if I can tell the Piece of String joke.
The punchline for that is 'I'm a frayed knot'. It's akin to the Sandwich Who Orders a Pint joke, the punchline for which is 'We don't serve sandwiches'.
permalink nonononono
it's "no, I'm German, but how did you know my name was Walter?" as Walter is a German name, not a Polish one
permalink Oh no
permalink I like to mix it up
You know what Banachek used to say: Only someone with nothing to be sorry about smiles at the rear of an elephant.
permalink i've officially handed in my notice
.. I was going to make a joke about it in the email., but apparently the process really is called the "off-boarding process"

permalink Oooh!
have you got some piss-easy, highly paid, consultancy lined up?
permalink sort of,
i'm hopefully going to be lining up some of my existing projects to keep hold of, and that'll get me going and tail off a little...

sounds like they are keen for me to do so.. we've not talked cash yet mind.
permalink Oh no,
does that mean your discount code will stop working?

permalink im not sure, though i'll get someone elses

fyi do check that the code is still worth it, sometimes joining the rewards club is just as good and can be refundable..
permalink Haha, no worries. I've really not used it that much...
Congrats, etc.

Funnily enough I've just had a job offer today. Am waiting for the contract and will then be handing in my notice too.
permalink or, you know,
booking through expedia or similar via quidco, paying the higher rate but getting the difference back in cash

but only fiddlewangers would do such a thing
permalink always book direct kids

if you are a gold member you get to keep your points and a free drink so automated fiddlewangery
permalink Whatever wangs your fiddle
That's what I always say!
permalink I've booked off
the first week off in January and I'm going to Mallorca with the new boyfriend. Taking him to stay at my brothers house for a week.

He thinks I'm a challenge HA! wait till my brother makes him cycle up a mountain.
permalink up a foxes arse it would seem
but thanks for bringing travel up again

so the best eu exit would be to leave the overpowering 'democracy' of europe but still let the forrins in?
seems ok to me..