thread The excitement bar was set pretty low to start with
I think a vertically challenged anorexic limbo dancer would have come perilously close to hitting his nostrils
permalink Hang on, isn't this a terribly mixed metaphor?
Doesn't "bar set low" refer to the pole vault, so it means "easy"?
Because "easy" in limbo dancing would be "bar set very high"...

Also, can I tell my Pole Vaulter joke?
The punchline is "Yes, but how did you know my name was Walter?"
permalink Only if I can tell the Piece of String joke.
The punchline for that is 'I'm a frayed knot'. It's akin to the Sandwich Who Orders a Pint joke, the punchline for which is 'We don't serve sandwiches'.
permalink nonononono
it's "no, I'm German, but how did you know my name was Walter?" as Walter is a German name, not a Polish one
permalink Oh no
permalink I like to mix it up
You know what Banachek used to say: Only someone with nothing to be sorry about smiles at the rear of an elephant.