thread Oh no,
does that mean your discount code will stop working?

permalink im not sure, though i'll get someone elses

fyi do check that the code is still worth it, sometimes joining the rewards club is just as good and can be refundable..
permalink Haha, no worries. I've really not used it that much...
Congrats, etc.

Funnily enough I've just had a job offer today. Am waiting for the contract and will then be handing in my notice too.
permalink or, you know,
booking through expedia or similar via quidco, paying the higher rate but getting the difference back in cash

but only fiddlewangers would do such a thing
permalink always book direct kids

if you are a gold member you get to keep your points and a free drink so automated fiddlewangery
permalink Whatever wangs your fiddle
That's what I always say!