thread I have survived a day
of "inspired Leadership" training.

Out HR Director is american and used to run a management coaching franchise in the US. He was running today.
permalink "go to Huntingdon and be inspired motherfuckers"
it's my wedding anniversary today, so happy birthday DC if you're about.
permalink this was held
in the function suite of a Marriot by the A14 at Huntingdon. Such an inspiring location
permalink You're supposed to be inspired
by the sheer magnificence of your cow-orkers and the whole esprit de corpse!
permalink and drinking water
with a little lemon juice in it
permalink A weak lemon drink
if you will?
permalink I AM THE KING
permalink What you will need for
this week's hobby...
permalink Hurray!
permalink thats not a good hotel
the Holiday down the road is better but lacks big conferencing.
permalink Room 18 in the HIE in Dedham
has a very bouncy mattress.
Suspect it's not to standard spec!
permalink It will be the old spec
was technically possible until 3 years ago but a lot of people stopped using it before that.

the new beds with the toppers are really good actually
permalink This wasn't one of them.
I'd be surprised if this was standard spec tbh, it was absurdly bouncy.
permalink Sounds like the respa mattress, they were a bit iffy
Managed to scrape past the spec when tested but sometimes some other crap turned up on site

But the spec was a bit stupid
permalink How about the Holiday Inn
in Filton, despite our hotel booking system I'm still trying to get in the place for a few nights next week.
permalink bristol city centre is better
or the express bristol north is decen, though limited restaurants etc.

avoid newport and swindon

permalink I'd have more choice if I had the car
but I'm training it down 'cos the conference next week is on UWE campus, hotel is right next door so it's not too bad.
permalink The hotel is fine but. It amazing as I understand
But remember to book direct kids ( or at least chance it with your rewards club number, at least you get points on F&B)
permalink I had to book it
through corporate so I got the upper capped rate and room choice on arrival so it's almost certain I'll end up in a fucking twin room 'cos that'll be all they have left :)
permalink So whilst I’m dealing with my job ending
And no idea how it’s got pan out the young man disappeared. Poof. I spoke to his Dad yesterday and he’s had a relapse. He’s had issues in the past.
I just can’t deal with it after the year I’ve had. I really do love him so very much but I can’t be there for him because it will break me.
Seriously break me. I need stability and calm. Not to be dropped like a hot rock. He’s not in contact at all which is to hide me from his mess but even that hurts too much. Damn damn damn. :(
permalink Oh no :(
That's not good.
permalink Oh honey...
permalink Oh no! Poor you!
It could very well be that he knows you aren't strong enough to help at the moment, so is trying to keep it from you. It's not the ideal reaction, I know, but perhaps it's the best he can do.
Alternatively, he's a dick, and we can all get together and beat him up for you if you like.
Perhaps take the opportunity for quiet, cat cuddles, and steady CV updating - you'll be back on top in no time, your karma reserves are still full to the brim...
permalink He's properly broken
he's had issues before. I just can't help him. We shall see how it goes in time but He'll need time. LOTS of time
permalink ah bugger... what sort of relapse?
there is no shame in not being able to help someone,
permalink He'd not want me to say
but booze.
His Dad has filled me in. He's still completely avoiding my messages because he's seriously in deep.
permalink Oh dear. A tricky situation.
A friend of mine is currently in the same state as a result of PTSD.
Difficult to even know how to help, and far more difficult to actually do so.

permalink I think we all know how difficult
people with PTSD are to deal with...
permalink ah, bugger,
permalink fucksocks.
Sending hugs Naaaarchways.
permalink Fucksocks indeed
And ditto on the hugs
permalink Oh no... huge interhugs!
I sincerely hope things get better quickly.

Much love.
permalink Aw no!
I don't know what else to say :/
permalink Bollocks.
permalink Being of a paranoid mind,
I worry that this may read as though I am calling into question what you wrote.

What I intended to convey was that this is shit.
permalink Bums, not good.
*sympathies for the lovely lady*
permalink This email lightened my day a little,
"We wanted to double check and make sure that you received our invitation to a VIP tour of our resort property, Gaylord Palms, next week,"

It's in Kissimme , Florida

permalink I used to know a guy called Gaylord Palms, as it happens.
He was a wanker.

edit: a google for this term doesn't result in filth, but instead of images of an utterly mental hotel. You really ought to go...
permalink I sort of wish i could
but i've only had a 50 minute conference call with the designers and frankly it maked me glad they are on the other side of the atlantic.

the hotel is stark raving bonkers, the most amazing thing being that it seems to be brand new, I'd no idea you could still buy so much beige
permalink It has a boat in it!
permalink And
Alligators. Don't fall off that boat
permalink Christ, it's escaped from Dubai.
permalink Snake Plisken