thread This is a terribly dull question
I'm looking for a reasonable cost android phone, my thoughts are. Motog5s (or plus). Waiting for htc U11life. Samsung A5, a Sony xa1 or spunking serious cash on the Samsung note 8 (unlikely ) .. any suggestions

As another note, my corporate phone currently only supports 3G, is it even possible to buy that nowadays on the high street, my dad has 4g ffs

AQ. - favourite salad?
permalink Dunno
I just tend to get something reasonably top of the range and stick with it for a while. And presumably you can write shiny shiny off against tax as you're self employed? Possibly.

Not sure on salads either, generally go simple and plain (lettuce, toms, cucumber etc). But we did have a lovely one in Spain that was based on really thinly sliced courgette, blue cheese, pears and figs. Nom.
permalink people from 'here' were recommending the G5 plus on Facebook to someone last week
I forget who though to be honest. Depends what you mean by affordable, One Plus 5T is supposed to be £450.

I had a falafel, hummus, couscous and chilli salad from the sandwich shop last week, that was quite nice, if a little too much food.
permalink it's not fancy
but I've been very happy with my Wileyfox
permalink My current favourite salad is one we half nicked,
half invented:-
permalink I have a THL T6C, which was £50 from amazon (network free).
It's good - it does everything I need it to and it's cheap enough that it's not significant if it needs replacing.

The camera is ok but nothing special.

There are other phones by THL. I've used a few of these very cheap androids and the only one I've been happy with is the THL.
permalink You should think about camera quality actually,
you use the camera a lot for work.
permalink On this basis, a year old Google Pixel or Pixel XL
would be FTW
permalink My Huawei P9 Plus is ace, and I think the regular P9 is also good.
My favourite salad is bacon.
permalink Xiaomi redmi note 4x
From Goldway on in China.
Good phone with a battery that can last me 3days. And I'm guessing around £130ish?
permalink I was just looking at their Mi A1