thread grab friday by the lapels
and kick it in the fucking nuts
permalink Yeah,
but it's got fish hooks sown into those lapels.
permalink cobblers to Friday
permalink I've been mooching around in utrecht, which looks delightful
enjoying the dutch rail system

and now have 3 hours at schipol airport to finish a powerpoint thingy.

permalink I had a really good kebab in Utrecht
in 1998, I think. Might have been 1999.
permalink I like Utrecht.
We lit the Dom Tower. Programming that was a lot of fun.
permalink seems to have a lot of sscaffolding on it at the moment
give them a call.
permalink I've got a spreadsheet
That if I don't filter, I can't navigate- it shows me the top screen's worth of data and no more. Pulling the scroll bar down, using down arrows, page down- nothing