thread Merry Fridays everyone!
Music thread; cover versions that are better than the originals...

Seaweed ; go your own way...
permalink Scissor Sisters; Comfortably Numb
permalink I can only apologise.

Edit: whoops, meant to reply to OP.
permalink Desmond Dekker's "Come Together"
Fucking glorious filth.
permalink The problem with this question... that (in less tasteful circles than this, obviously), some cunt always comes out of the woodwork and says that Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah is the best thing ever recorded by anyone oh my god so amazing blah blah blah, when it is of course a pedestrian dirge version that sounds as though he just wants to get it over with so he can go to the pub.... hugely inferior to Leonard Cohen's original.
permalink And obviously, the best version
was by Alexandra Burke...

permalink Better than that Buckley shite.
permalink well that's a different question
original versions that are better than the more widely-known/accepted covers

e.g. Oye Como Va by Tito Puente
permalink Jeff Buckley is shit.
There, I said it.
permalink i've heard the name but
i'm not looking it up
permalink don't bother.
permalink Help from my friends
Joe Cocker
permalink Vanilla Fudge
Keep me hanging on
permalink Have people heard Jimi's version of like a rolling stone at montreal
or however it's spelled. Infact everything ever recorded by Bob Dylan is worse than the amazing cover version.

And also every cover by Jimi is better than the original too
permalink See All Along the Watchtower, for example
permalink exactly
permalink or spanish castle magic
or stone free
permalink Yup
permalink stumpy joe was much better
at death though.. i mean if you are going to die of vomit
permalink indie band Bob did a terrific version of Rain, by the Beatles but I can't immediately locate it
in 1990, my mate's band The Popcorn Groove did a version of What Goes On that made the Velvet Underground look like amateurs. I bet I've got a cassette of that somewhere.
permalink Motorhead
permalink Chet Baker
I fall in love too easily, my funny valentine, I get along without you
permalink Ben Folds
Bitches aint shit
permalink Madness
It must be love
permalink Dirty Kitchen
The letter
permalink you really do listen
to some crap
permalink Obvious, but I'd put a hand up for
Johnny Cash's "Hurt".
permalink oh dear
permalink changed my mind
permalink Lily Allen
Straight to Hell
permalink I'm faintly amused
by the number of people who are misspelling 'Anne' on an intranet post alerting us that a lady named Anne has been promoted.
permalink My battery was nicknamed 'Shiny E'
It is always difficult when comrades die and their friends and widows cannot spell shiny. They cannot even agree on the myriad misspellings.
permalink I had to read that a couple of times
before it made sense.
permalink Joy Division can only be improved via throat singing
permalink One of the best Joy Division covers:-
permalink That is
fucking ace!
permalink haha
permalink I just got a temporary ban on Twitter for attacking someone based on their gender
Because I called some American guy a cunt.
permalink unless the tweets have been deleted
that's not accurate
permalink It has been deleted.
I said something along the limes of:

"Fuck you, you fucking cunt. What the cocking hell gives you the right to decide that a victim benefits from sexual assault?"

I think I was more erudite in the original.
permalink you waded into a conversation
they didn't take it very well, you escalated.
permalink he ejaculated
with limes..
permalink This is true,
But I did none of the things I am accused of.
permalink I got suspended
for calling Lewis Hamilton a tax-dodging cunt.
permalink christ. I call people cunts all the time on twitter
Do I have to start behaving myself?
permalink I should jolly well hope not
You cunt! ;-)
permalink it's a simple one
you can swear at most twitter users, just not those with a Verified Account white tick on a blue background (erroneously referred to as a "blue tick")
permalink Almost all my friends have white ticks, but I do not.
I find this infuriating.

I do not actively want a white tick, I just do not want to not have one whilst they do.
permalink Africa by Toto
done proper:-
permalink hahaha
pissed myself.. that is truly fuckingAwful

permalink All Saints - under the bridge
rolf Harris - Bohemian Rhapsody
permalink just remembered The Model
by Big Black
permalink Pet Shop Boys
Always on My Mind
permalink Pet Shop Boys
Where The Streets Have No Names
permalink Maggies farm

All allong thr watchtower
James M Hendrix

for a bit of a bob dylan theme
permalink oddly 6music are just playing
bruce springsteens version of ghost of old tom joad.
permalink Just how oddly
are they playing it?
permalink at the wrong speed, one would hope.
permalink there's some absolute crackers
on this top 40 covers of 1987

Some utter horrors too though
permalink coil's 'tainted love'
only kidding
it's shit