thread The problem with this question... that (in less tasteful circles than this, obviously), some cunt always comes out of the woodwork and says that Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah is the best thing ever recorded by anyone oh my god so amazing blah blah blah, when it is of course a pedestrian dirge version that sounds as though he just wants to get it over with so he can go to the pub.... hugely inferior to Leonard Cohen's original.
permalink And obviously, the best version
was by Alexandra Burke...

permalink Better than that Buckley shite.
permalink well that's a different question
original versions that are better than the more widely-known/accepted covers

e.g. Oye Como Va by Tito Puente
permalink Jeff Buckley is shit.
There, I said it.
permalink i've heard the name but
i'm not looking it up
permalink don't bother.