thread I just got a temporary ban on Twitter for attacking someone based on their gender
Because I called some American guy a cunt.
permalink unless the tweets have been deleted
that's not accurate
permalink It has been deleted.
I said something along the limes of:

"Fuck you, you fucking cunt. What the cocking hell gives you the right to decide that a victim benefits from sexual assault?"

I think I was more erudite in the original.
permalink you waded into a conversation
they didn't take it very well, you escalated.
permalink he ejaculated
with limes..
permalink This is true,
But I did none of the things I am accused of.
permalink I got suspended
for calling Lewis Hamilton a tax-dodging cunt.
permalink christ. I call people cunts all the time on twitter
Do I have to start behaving myself?
permalink I should jolly well hope not
You cunt! ;-)
permalink it's a simple one
you can swear at most twitter users, just not those with a Verified Account white tick on a blue background (erroneously referred to as a "blue tick")
permalink Almost all my friends have white ticks, but I do not.
I find this infuriating.

I do not actively want a white tick, I just do not want to not have one whilst they do.