thread there's a chrome extension that writes Trump tweets in crayon

permalink Also on twitter: #meat14
This is women posting pictures of themselves when they were 14. It isn't men posting pictures of 14 year old 'meat'.
permalink "Sam Rusling has just liked your tweet!"
Twitter knows who I am and that I'm running multiple accounts, you'd think it could knock those notifications on the head.
permalink Magnetic stripe reader/writer devices are surprisingly expensive
considering how cheap RFID is.
permalink should you be liking pictures of girls at 14? bit clammy that.
Twitter notifications are one of the many horrorshows on there I find. So I've turned them all off.
permalink Hell, it does it to me on the same account.
'Dear Manley, Manley liked this . . .'
permalink You like your own tweets??
permalink somebody has to
permalink No, I liked something that was not my tweet.
I also get 'Manley tweeted' to the email address for my manley account.
permalink I'm depressed
enough thanks.

I can't wait for at least this week to be over... then my dad reminds me I've got 0 plans for anything other than Christmas Eve. This years going to be so very painful.

I have to be here for the cats. Jen is going home to her mums.
So anyone want to come up and hide in Norwich with me?
permalink but now I'm pissed on a school night
stopped by the pub on a chance because its dark beers week.

sent a pic to the owner, he's asked me to do the Christmas postcard photos.

I've sold it for a cheese board. Now you all have to come down and eat all the cheese. Oh yes. I'm going to make it epic.
permalink nice
and frankly having no plans until christmas sounds like bliss
permalink I have some other minor plans
but christmas day entirely alone? I'm planning on seeing what I can do to make sure that doesn't happen.
permalink ah yeah, you might want to sort something around that
.. go to marakesh and stalk xpxyxywywywywyig with a santa outfit and a christmas tree.
permalink But she has to be at home for the cats, which is why she's asking for company.
Unfortunately I'm off to my step-mum's for Christmas.
permalink People are welcome at mine,
but I spend Christmas at home.
permalink IF I can't get somewhere to be within
driving distance for the day I will go volunteer at some service or other to feed everyone else.

I know I can go to my sisters for a bit.. its all a bit up in the air right now.
permalink I like the volunteer idea
Friends who do that really enjoy it
permalink Marakech?
Nah, we don't go there any more. We were there for NYE 2016, and it was shit. This Xmas we'll be in E Sussex, and NYE in Berlin.
permalink NYE in Berlin is unbelievable.
It's like a war zone from midnight to 3am with constant fireworks. This/last year I was stood outside a bar for about half an hour while fireworks were set off in the road. A taxi drove up, saw all the fireworks going off in front of him... and simply drove around them.
permalink Looking forward to it!
My cousin lives in Kreuzberg, says the fireworks display from Tempelhof is great, and then adds, somewhat ominously, '...I have a launching pad for rockets on my balcony...'
permalink Actually, here's a thing.
I'm trying to find out if the Berlin State Library is open over the NYE weekend. Bit of a long shot I know, but it features in one of my all time favourite films - Wings of Desire - and its interior looks *magnificent*. Could you find out for me if it's open on Friday the 29th or Saturday the 30th? I'm getting nowhere. There's a beer or two in it for you!