thread Also on twitter: #meat14
This is women posting pictures of themselves when they were 14. It isn't men posting pictures of 14 year old 'meat'.
permalink "Sam Rusling has just liked your tweet!"
Twitter knows who I am and that I'm running multiple accounts, you'd think it could knock those notifications on the head.
permalink Magnetic stripe reader/writer devices are surprisingly expensive
considering how cheap RFID is.
permalink should you be liking pictures of girls at 14? bit clammy that.
Twitter notifications are one of the many horrorshows on there I find. So I've turned them all off.
permalink Hell, it does it to me on the same account.
'Dear Manley, Manley liked this . . .'
permalink You like your own tweets??
permalink somebody has to
permalink No, I liked something that was not my tweet.
I also get 'Manley tweeted' to the email address for my manley account.