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haven't been registered with a dentist in years (been on my to do list). Have slightly chipped a tooth. hopefully can get an emergency dentist appointment before i slice my tongue open
permalink Only an idiot
Wouldn't have been registered with a dentist for a decade of course
permalink I have no idea what you mean
*walks away whistling*
permalink *innocent face*

actually mine wasn't quite 10 but last time I broke a tooth (on fucking CEREAL) I tried to get an appointment and discovered my last visit was registered at my first address in town so that was at least 7 since I moved out of that one in 2010.
permalink I managed 17
only ended up needing a couple of fillings though
permalink My grandad
Lost his last tooth on a tomato sandwich

To much hilarity... Though in retrospect maybe he wasn't so into the humour

I was about 9 at the time so couldn't comment

permalink the one at the bottom of Milton Road
where the Westbrook centre used to be used to be very good, they sorted me out at short notice after I hadn't been registered in years.
permalink there's an actual NHS place
at Brookfields, near my house, that does emergency and specialist stuff. Can't register there for standard stuff though
permalink Emma used the one opposite Budgens on the corner of Cherry Hinton road and Perne/Mowbray Road
for years, she's still got most of her teeth and no fillings.

[edit] I realised what I said, she had a wisdom tooth out, all the rest are still there.
permalink I have been in Australia nearly 17 years and never been to a dentist.
I discovered it's far cheaper to go on holiday to somewhere in SE Asia, and get work done there.
1 wisdom tooth extraction, 3 filings and 40 minutes of teeth cleaning for just over 50 quid.