thread Guess the city!
4 clues:

I paid £4 for 1/3 of a pint of beer

I drove past the point where i first heard that ODB died

I had dinner in a place where Marco Pierrre White has never set foot in, eve thought the restaurant bears his name (and several dozen portraits)

I rather like it.
permalink and because i've just noticed the time
you can have a bonus point for my subsequent destination.

permalink Would it be too obvious to say Denver?
If not, dunno, Boulder? Salt Lake?
permalink You've been paying attention .. but not enough
I am in the UK

Though in did get served by a chap From Colorado he seemed a little lost
permalink Hey, I was trying my best*

*well, at least I was trying
permalink Morning.
Outlook will send replies, but "can't contact the server right now" if I send a new email.

permalink French Elvis
has left the building.

He died as he lived: ignored by everywhere but France
permalink Leeds?
permalink you got the first letter correct
permalink Liverpool
permalink Lincoln?
permalink Leicester
permalink Laos talk
costs lives
permalink I discounted Leicesesester
as he'd have been mean not to say "you got the first two letters correct"
permalink this isn't Mastermind you know.
permalink It was liverpool
permalink Fair enough
Although I don't think we should Mersey beat ourselves up too much for not guessing