thread Flights on which to remember your headphones
A Thursday morning flight to Amsterdam is high on that priority list

Delayed 35 mins as well
permalink You may, if you wish, attempt to guess the airport
permalink I am in an Uber, on my way there
As we speak.
permalink Passengers for Klm, China airlines, China southern airlines, delta airlines
Please go to gate 45457
permalink Locked in her bedroom
Clickbait title.

My middle child is locked in her room, and I am out of the country. No matter how I tried to explain the mechanisms and show them what to do over face time, my wife resorted to hitting the handle with a rubber mallet.

In the end we got a neighbour in, but whilst strong he had no finesse, so I am going back to a shattered door frame.
permalink I am grateful to him, incidentally,
but were I there we would have had an easier time of it. And the door frame would not have been fucked up.
permalink Oh Manley !
permalink Southend
permalink Sounds a bit like

If you have the brain of a twelve year old.

Not in a jar.
permalink It was full of them
There was a 19 year old a few rows behind me who had had a couple of drinks and who was pathologically incapable of not talking at least once every 30 seconds
permalink What time do you land?
I suspect we shall just miss each other.
permalink Gate change!
This is a joy.
permalink Another gate change!
permalink I landed at 9.40 in the end
well.. finished taxi-ing at 9.40
permalink I was in passport control.
Lovely stuff.

I am still here.
permalink there are restrictions on flights because of the wind I think
... hence why we were delayed

permalink Mine was delayed because the flight attendant had toothache.
This is 100% true.
permalink Yes!
Best airport ever
permalink And congratulations
to our newly Kiwi member.

Hehe! 'member'!
permalink Chur bro
Tu meke
permalink Was there an actual test?
Did you need to gen up on ovine husbandry factoids?
permalink We had to swear allegiance to Liz*
And sing the more popular of the national anthems. No animal husbandry

*Queen of NZ, totally different person
permalink Utterly
Not the same.
permalink My flight has been delayed until 14:30
So I am now bored.
permalink Hello Bored
I'm Scoff!
permalink off out for a celebratory
permalink Lummy, Mr Striding and Lora have had a baby!
Or Kevin and Laura, if you prefer.
permalink lawks a'lordy!
permalink What flavour?
permalink Meaty
Probably. Mint would be unusual
permalink Mmmmm!
Nom nom nom.
permalink It's rude to eat babies apparently
Unless the parents offer
permalink I think we can take it as read that the offer, if not actually stated,
is clearly implicit.
permalink Errrr a boy.
permalink TJ: Christmas gift idea
permalink that's spot on in several ways
permalink I find it hard to tell these days
what's pisstake and what's real.
permalink *signs up*

Useful on New Year's Day if nowt else.
permalink ha!
i quite like this too