thread Right, the hive mind.
Go Pros. Discuss.
permalink I want one, but I'd likely never really use it
What do you want it for?
permalink Semi-pro stuff for Her Indoors.
But also hols.
permalink For the indoors stuff
A DSLR or similar might be better

But it's best for holiday
permalink indoors stuff? photography with the missus?
permalink Nudge nudge,
wink wink...
permalink Say
no moah!
permalink 'Her Indoors' doesn't imply she wants to use it indoors (i mean who would)
she probably wants to stick it up a beehive or summink
permalink Oh do beehive!
/Dick Emery
permalink This.
She has previously attached cameras to helium balloons, which was excellent fun.
permalink plus they shoot most of their home-made porn on stretham common
permalink sugar baby..
give me the SUGAR
permalink When the gos get proing
the pros get weird?

Dunno, never really felt the need to record any activity where something like a GoPro was required
permalink I have one
I was given it as a present. It's fab but I haven't often much use for it.
permalink I got a Hero 5 Session for christmas
partly to stick on the bike whilst commuting to record the fucking arseholes. But also can cheerfully be used for sailing etc as it's proper waterproof.
permalink what sort of length of filming do you get on them?
permalink Fnarr
permalink they claim
1hr 15 to 2hrs battery life depending upon filming mode.
permalink the Session is the little cube one
without a proper screen (it has a little status display)
permalink Can you use your phone
as a remote? How good is the audio? And how high an HD format can you get?

Their site is remarkably shit with details like this.
permalink found this within about 3 seconds

Nice table of features for comparison across a few models, including resolution and frame rate.
permalink i have a sj4000 wifi (never used the wifi)
they have upgraded models now but really this does it for me
quality difference is minimal $40 i think but i got mine £15 brand new p&p on ebay

why pay more?

also while we're on tech stuff.. i can't get the battery off my T430 thinkpad and i want to upgrade some parts.. any ideas WITCHY JIVA i'm looking at yoos!

edit: sj4 cont.. audio with case on is shit.. has a continual loop thing where you can video for 20mins or whatever than it wipes and records over..
for car dash cams cycle helmets etc.. could be used as a remote feed to a hive with the wifi..
also does stop motion (check youtube for reviews on this and the goPros.. better info)
permalink *rubs witchy lantern*
brute* force doesn't work

*like i have that..
permalink umm
permalink ffs i'm not THAT unco (already changed the cpu)
i dropped it.. battery was half out i pushed it in.. 6 months later i notice i can't get it out for next upgrade
brute force isn't my thing.. if i drain the battery completely i'm guessing there will be still some charge so i can't take a screwdriver to it
permalink try dropping it again.
permalink I was going to suggest this too :)
I'm not familiar with the T430 at all but I'm assuming there's a sliding lock that normally holds the battery in that you've checked. I'd be surprised if you managed to deform the case enough to jam the battery in while not enshagging the rest of the machine.
permalink I have one
It was fun for a bit.
permalink I'm waiting for delivery of one of the Chinese copies from gearbest.
The one I'm buying only does 2.7k but is about 1/20th the cost.
permalink Good
permalink chinese knock-offs unite!
go pro are expensive because of all the ads etc.. get a cheap knock off and you won't worry if you kill it..