thread i have a sj4000 wifi (never used the wifi)
they have upgraded models now but really this does it for me
quality difference is minimal $40 i think but i got mine £15 brand new p&p on ebay

why pay more?

also while we're on tech stuff.. i can't get the battery off my T430 thinkpad and i want to upgrade some parts.. any ideas WITCHY JIVA i'm looking at yoos!

edit: sj4 cont.. audio with case on is shit.. has a continual loop thing where you can video for 20mins or whatever than it wipes and records over..
for car dash cams cycle helmets etc.. could be used as a remote feed to a hive with the wifi..
also does stop motion (check youtube for reviews on this and the goPros.. better info)
permalink *rubs witchy lantern*
brute* force doesn't work

*like i have that..
permalink umm
permalink ffs i'm not THAT unco (already changed the cpu)
i dropped it.. battery was half out i pushed it in.. 6 months later i notice i can't get it out for next upgrade
brute force isn't my thing.. if i drain the battery completely i'm guessing there will be still some charge so i can't take a screwdriver to it
permalink try dropping it again.
permalink I was going to suggest this too :)
I'm not familiar with the T430 at all but I'm assuming there's a sliding lock that normally holds the battery in that you've checked. I'd be surprised if you managed to deform the case enough to jam the battery in while not enshagging the rest of the machine.