thread This has absolutely floored me
Light-headed, shivery, and can barely stay standing for more than a minute.
permalink So back to flu then..
permalink To be fair
Like Amy says, that does sound pretty flu-like to me

Personally, I think you're just shagging too much! ;-)
permalink sounds like wot I had
was horrible like that for about 3-4 days, then abated to just a couple of weeks of continuous coughing

I prescribe box sets and lemony drinks
permalink Australian flu
Or plurecy

What was your footware situation
permalink I had the cough from that for 4 months.
4 months!

The flu that is, not pleurisy.
permalink Were you wearing wellies,?
permalink Also isnt all your flu
Australian flu
permalink I kind of presumed what you were calling Aussie flu
was the one that went through here last year.
permalink That'll be
Australasian flu then, thanks very much!
permalink I think you took it back to there

Ahh, you want to claim some of the fame for infecting C_I too?
permalink Nah
I was just thinking we should get some credit for probably brewing it up too last winter. Mind you, the Saffers will then probably want in on it too!
permalink Thought I was getting better yesterday evening
But it slammed me overnight. No voice this morning. Very little sleep.

and refering to Bea as "it" is not very polite.
permalink Ha!
That made me smile anyway!

Sex is about the furthest thing from my mind, I have to say.
permalink Years ago,
in the grip of a manky dose of flu, a girlfriedn and I decided to have a fuck, see what happened. Made it waaaaay worse.
permalink Still totally worth it, right?
permalink Involved
slightly more snot than usual.
permalink It's all just extra lube
when it comes down to it
permalink You’re so classy
permalink Yeah,
but some of this was knob snot (cock hockle, if you're from Up North).
permalink Talking of manky
nowhere on Reddit does wild quite like r/relationships
permalink *bork*
permalink *low 5*
Because a high would be too difficult.

Also suffering deeply and requiring the rest of the week off sick.