thread In the buisness we call this an Honesty Bar
technical stuff.

permalink The hotel business
Or the drinking business?
permalink monkey buisness
I have no real reason for it upsetting me so much, but it is.
permalink Some sort of
mynci busnes
permalink (glad it's not just me)
permalink it's some nasty
permalink because you are serious bisness man
permalink Indeed, that is what it is called.
I am used to it and a chit system from clubs and messes, but never in a hotel before.

No shower though, just a bath, which was not an issue in the end, as it filled up in about 2 minutes, but it spoiled my morning routine.

I normally have a shit, then jump straight in the shower. I had to wipe my arse properly this morning, because I don't want shitty bits in my bath.
permalink You also don't want to confuse the
chitty bits in your bath with the shit system, or vice versa.
permalink Won't someone think of the
permalink Everyone's a winnet, baby
and that's the truth...
permalink You never fail
to satisfy.
permalink you lovely
lovely cunts.
permalink Hang on...