thread I was engaging in self mockery, yes.
I'm the first to admit that I early adopt and end up doing ridiculous things.

However, it's super useful in some ways. I can heat the house up before I get home. I can turn the lights on with my hands full. I can turn the lights off downstairs from upstairs, and I can turn the lights off at night without taking my arms out of the duvet and/or disturbing the cat snuggling on my tummy.
I have full control of lighting in the downstairs rooms for different purposes without faffing around with lots of switches and wiring.
I also don't need Christmas decorations, and I can turn one light a funny colour so delivery people can find the house.

It's obviously as yet an imperfect implementation, but the ability to do all of these things is great, and wasn't available to mainstream punters as little as three or four years ago.
The early adopter plays a valuable role in stopping these companies going bust before they work out how these things are supposed to work, and I enjoy it.
permalink Yeah... I do get it
If you’ve really got faith, you should bypass the switches...
permalink Oh, I've got no faith,
and my cleaner appears to be hard of understanding, so the switch still works best for them.