thread I'm officially unemployed!
Last day in the office, a trip to Leicester with a hangover which pretty much sums up my last 6 years.

I've had one confirmed project already, and my firm is also keeping me on for some projects but they are fucking around at the last minute about which ones
permalink scrounging layabout
you'll be wanting Joe Taxpayer to buy you a giant telly now, no doubt
permalink He’ll have 7 kids by next week.
permalink Someone should
warn Amy
permalink I think my boss might want to keep me?
to help with moving my job to Huntingdon I've so far secured
- temporary uplift based on mileage rates (for two years)
- promotion
- meaningful payrise
- change to a four day week (same hours)

I still need to get a car
permalink when you get a car do you
lose the automatic right to rant against drivers?
permalink Most drivers don't
So I don't see why Al would be any different
permalink 'zactly
permalink if anything
I'll be exposed to more truly awful driving
permalink What sort of budget do you have?
I'm sure I can lay my hands on something half decent for you.
permalink i really like the look of those biro electric cars
i saw one in amsterdam with what looked like mini tractor tyres on it.. add a flamethrower on top and it could be a lot of fun
permalink I'm in a "this is taking finance" kind of corner
for even ~£8000-10000

Looking at Dacias. They fit the low cost/low tax/low insurance/is a box with wheels/and seats/and possibly a DAB specification
permalink I actually came here this morning specifically to call you unemployed
and I am disappointed that has to be reactionary, rather than proactive, in light of your post.

Got a job for someone who is good at meetings and cock all else?
permalink That's my role I'm afraid