thread I think my boss might want to keep me?
to help with moving my job to Huntingdon I've so far secured
- temporary uplift based on mileage rates (for two years)
- promotion
- meaningful payrise
- change to a four day week (same hours)

I still need to get a car
permalink when you get a car do you
lose the automatic right to rant against drivers?
permalink Most drivers don't
So I don't see why Al would be any different
permalink 'zactly
permalink if anything
I'll be exposed to more truly awful driving
permalink What sort of budget do you have?
I'm sure I can lay my hands on something half decent for you.
permalink i really like the look of those biro electric cars
i saw one in amsterdam with what looked like mini tractor tyres on it.. add a flamethrower on top and it could be a lot of fun
permalink I'm in a "this is taking finance" kind of corner
for even ~£8000-10000

Looking at Dacias. They fit the low cost/low tax/low insurance/is a box with wheels/and seats/and possibly a DAB specification