thread Guess the airport!
Heading home edition.
permalink I wasn't paying attention
Munich? Liege? Charles de Gaulle?
permalink Does liege have an airport?
None of those
permalink dunno
but Bayern Munich led onto Standard Liege in my head.

*edit. apparently, with flights to Alicanta, Malaga, Las Palmas and Tenerife
permalink Liege is a very important airport
But, to be fair, mostly for cargo
permalink A clue
I have to go through Pastaport control soon.
permalink Milan?
Fiumicino? Lugano?
permalink Milano!
I'm guessing Malpensa
permalink Oh. No. Torino, as the meep says.
permalink Sure that's grand!
/Clint Eastwood
permalink It was Malpensa

But you withdrew so no points im afraid
permalink It's the safest way*

*if you're into catholic contraception
permalink or stick to doing choirboys up the arse.
permalink That
Would be an ecumenical matter
permalink Turin
permalink I was in Turin (lovely)
But that airport is not