thread this is a surprisingly interesting article about CRTs

I've just spent 10 minutes calling myself of google hangouts from my tablet to my laptop to check it works for a meeting i've got this afternoon.. that's a deeply odd thing to be looking at yourself from 2 angles at once. .. in then end i set one up to point at homes under the hammer in the living room.
permalink That is very cool.
Oh well. Back to the boring stuff I should be doing.
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does this mean you've discovered the chinese symbol I shaved into the back of your head?
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good for me.
permalink I saw another Nam June Paik piece in Japan last year,
that was basically a huge pyramid of CRTs, all flickering away with all sorts of different images and sounds. Quite beautiful it was, mesmerising.

Today, I are mostly swearing at Revit, because it is ALL teh cunting shit at 2d detailing.

Noodles, Sloggis,
permalink I think revit for detailing is hell
the only good thing will be that it'll prove that nobody looks at the drawings.

permalink This.
It's taken me 4.5hrs to do 9 details. That's about a third of my usual output using MSTN or AutoCAD. We're not going to hit our C01 cast-in connection plate issue today, and possibly not even on Monday, despite having 4 of us CAD monkeys working flat out.

"Yeah, but BIM" say the engineers, conveniently forgetting that BIM is all very well, but it still comes down to guys with drawings on site.
permalink Most people aren't even trying to detail in Revit...
What we see is people attaching 2-D dwgs made in something sensible into Revit for details.

Revit is an awful pile of crap. Autodesk have achieved their long-term goal of making the worst software possible, which looks alright until you actually start trying to do anything real in it at which point you immediately consider suicide.
permalink The trouble is, clients.
These ones – LendLease – are making it very difficult for CAD monkeys to do their jobs. The cunts insist that we split the model into 5, sub, super, frames, roof and existing, and ref them into a master sheet file, which slows things down hugely (by comparison, the Bishopsgate job is three times the size of this, but is done in one file, and is waaaaay faster than this one). This means, for instance, that all superstructure steel is in one file and the concrete in another, which is fucking ludicrous. And the cunting fucks insist that *all* CAD work, including all the detailing, is done in Revit, or we’d be doing all our details in AutoCAD and reffing them in.
permalink ...which would be the sane thing to do.
People who haven't any idea what they're on about trying to dictate how BIM should be done is a disaster.

(says the guy who manages to avoid actually doing BIM personally...)
permalink “Yeah but BIM!”
has become an angrily sarcastic catchphrase in my team.
permalink Right with you
BIM is hideously shit for lighting... it wants everything to be standardised and modular, which lights aren't.

BIM will result in hugely compromised design for a lot of buildings, because it doesn't like doing difficult things like, say, curves... consultants won't be getting enough fee to spend the time fighting it, and will go for the easy option. Everything will be like an out-of-town B&Q shed and it will be Revit's fault.
permalink The bendy wiggly Zaha style stuff
we do a lot of *can* be done in Revit, but it is painfully clunky and awful, sometimes needing to be left overnight, so we draw it up in Rhino, turn it into Grasshopper scripts, and export them to Dynamo so they can be generated in Revit. Means that the Rhino model needs to be editited every time the architect changes his alleged mind, but it’s still quicker than doing it all in Revit. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to it in this project.
permalink A colleague of mine is a king of that sort of stuff
He has made some great Rhino/Grasshopper tools for making linear lighting and so on for Revit.

Yes... it can be done... but it is so insanely painful that people will start to design according to what doesn;t hurt too muvh in BIM world.

BIM is the enemy of good design.
permalink Yeah,
we use a lot of GH scripts. If you know GH, you can use Dynamo, it's pretty cool; gets round the stupid Revit problems that all the other CAD packages sorted out in the 90s, like adding revision numbers to PDF filenames, uprevising, and distinguishing between A1 and A0 when doing a print run.
permalink Cool article.
And with the bonus that TIL how Duck Hunt worked.
permalink Unsurprisingly I know Ian Primus.
Other TV trickery came to light in the ZX Spectrum era with game designers coding games specifically for a 50Hz screen refresh giving 'flicker free' games, the first of which was Bug-Byte's 'The Birds And The Bees' which also was the first game to properly support Steve Currah's 'Microspeech' add-on which unfortunately resulted in a lot of melted Spectrums.

Early 80s technology in the 'computerphone' STC Executel relied on the 'gap' or pause while the electron gun moved back to the top of the screen during a complete refresh to update background screen memory with new information so you got an instant swap of screen content without waiting for it to update and redraw.

Teletext worked in a similar way
permalink I remember covetting a Currah Microspeech
when I were a lad.

My dad borrowed a light pen for drawing from somewhere, which I assume worked the same way. For a given value of 'worked' anyway.
permalink I swear that turrican 2 managed to get brown
on the spectrum, which is imposisble.

the person I was playing with was colour blind and didn't believe me either.

permalink Tj
I drew a ninja dinosaur for bongos Facebook post but he didn't notice it... so you lot better bloody like it, it's the first hummus I've had in several years

Btw, JoS and ci should check out the Samsung tab s3 with the pen thing, it's amazing for pdf Markups and sketching. It makes me look like I can draw ffs.
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A lot.
permalink I like him.