thread Mrs Me has, for nearly 20 years,
refrained from DJing the Friday night soundtrack. So I made her a present of a 3tb hard drive absolutely stuffed to the gills with music. She has now plugged it in to her iTunes, and is discovering the wonders of playing when-you're-drunk-and-have-135,849-songs-at-your-fingertips.

I love her so much I'm doing 1 song in 5, sometimes 6
permalink Cocktails already?

We tend to put in last week's Craig Charles funk and soul show.

We haven't got our music playing set up optimised.

We did however have a very nice but of cod with garlicy gnocchi, and a chablis
permalink A vast Margarita for her, then a switch to wine,
a vast Yo Da Horchata for me, then a switch to beer.

99% of what we listen to together tends to be soul. Thing is, I have waaaaaaaay wider tastes in music than she does; put it this way, I love 99% of what she likes (soul, northern soul), she hates 99% of what i like (metal, techno, hiphop, house, heavy rock, hardcore etc etc etc)
permalink Love the Tongan guy in the winter Olympics

No top in minus 5
permalink honorary
Geordie, right there
permalink to be fair he's had a whole 3 months*
of practising with snow

*in his life!
permalink Oh fuck,
it's Taylor Swift.
permalink Christ,
somebody kill me.
permalink How long was that Taylor swift song
permalink Minutes,
but then there was Britney and some other shit. At least now we've agreed on a fuckload of Nile Rogers.
permalink That's my favourite album of his
permalink Produced by Quincy Jones
permalink And huzzah
for agreeing on the Pet Shop Boys
permalink I broke Jen
before 9pm

permalink caveat
she didn't tell me she'd had sake with lunch.

also she's on drugs that don't work with booze but she told me to go to the pub and she bought dinner.
permalink Saké
is ALL teh lovely, but fuck, is it dangerous.