thread I can't be arsed.
permalink Isn't that the point of Sundays
We did a bit of gardening, cleared out the greenhouse

And we are about to wander into walthamstow for a pint soon
permalink Compost heap tidied up,
lots of plants mulched with compost, loads of branbles cleared, greenhouses hosed down. Looking forward to the next few weeks of planting stuff, and getting the whole garden (and indeed the beehives) up and running.

Phase two of the day's operations, making fish soup (this one:- ), some for tea, some for the freezer.
permalink nice
we have some tomatoes in seed trays, and out over-wintering pak choi and broadbeans seem pretty happy.

top tip. plant cavalo nero, done really well for us.

and dill and corriander in winter in the greenhouse has worked well also
permalink Cavolo Nero is one of my favourite veggies.
It grows incredibly well in our warmer greenhouse.

The soup tonight was, it has to be said, fucking *amazing*. We've tweaked the recipe a bit, adding a really nice trick with the prawn flesh blitzed in the stock. Just orgasmic.
permalink Ours is thriving in our raised beds
permalink Planted too many okra plants this summer
so am having to eat it several times per week just to keep up with the supply.
Luckily I have found a method to cook it where it doesn't get slimy.

Also currently harvesting kang kung, malabar spinach, bell peppers, chillis, pumpkins, ginger, tumeric, galangal, papaya, bananas, watermelons, lemons, limes and jasmine.
permalink cooking with anything acidic aparently, eg tomato
or vinegar

get you with your exotic selection though
permalink Didn't they soak in salt water beforehand
or something?
permalink baking the shit out of it?
permalink Water makes it go extra slimey
Stir fry seems to be the way to go, then add an Indian slice masala at the end.
Or stir fry then add to whatever else you are cooking.
permalink I've just been for a massive pub lunch with a load of old friends
Now I'm going to watch the Town match I taped, could be worse.
permalink excellent result there
if mooey is back in play you might have a chance
permalink he's got a massive cut on his knee, so probably out for a couple of games
hopefully Pritchard can fill the gap for now. He's been out of sorts recently, but I'm remaining positive that Wagner has been telling him to not play 100% over games we have no chance of winning to save himself...
permalink I made it as far as the corner shop
to get some beers to drink during Scotland-France... which was absolutely cracking.

Managed a game of Ticket to Ride. Drank some coffee. Ate some hummus.

Sex, obvs.
permalink I trust the hummus
was used like the butter in Last Tango In Paris?
permalink is this the first
documented case of 'fucking hummus' then?
permalink Could be...
Although it's a bit gritty to use as a lubricant I would think. Unless you like that kinda thing, of course.
permalink did you manage to get Munchen to Brest?
and how did Ticket to Ride go etc
permalink Why do I suspect that this is not the first time you've cracked that gag?
permalink seems like my grandpa couldn't be arsed either
still, 95 is a pretty long go at it, even if the past few years have been in the weird world of dementia
permalink Sorry to hear that Al
But a pretty long innings
permalink aye
it's been years since he was able to hold a conversation of any sort (not that he was ever talkative)
permalink bah, but if he was
suffering with Dementia then it's better all round. Damn good innings.
permalink my mum did say
she was, to some extent, relieved.
permalink oh sorry for your loss
dementia is the bitch
permalink I can't be arsed either
Sadly it's now Monday
permalink Monday, Monday, gotta go to work on Monday...
permalink My builder just rang to say that he could not get through my drive gates.
I went down and let him in and there was nothing wrong with the lock at all. I entered the code and turned the handle.

"Oh, anti-clockwise! You should have said"

This man is meant to be a builder.
permalink Is this your way of telling us
You have poncy front gates with a security code thingie?
permalink nah, he's living in a Big Yellow self storage unit at the moment
permalink No.
They open onto a building site.
permalink I'm imagining them to be somewhat like the gates at Willy Wonka's factory
permalink They are just wooden gates.
Stop being weird, you weirdos.
permalink Look, normal fucking driveway gates:
Gates with open wicket

permalink They are more like prison gates
Drive gates round here look more like this
permalink That looks like a field gate to me.
But either way, they are just gates, there is nothing weird about them, the fucking builder just cannot understand numbers.
permalink I assume the builders are in knocking up one of these:
permalink Of course.
permalink either they have very heavy cameras
or everyone has a personal ark of the covenant
permalink Yesterday was all the lovely
we walked the dog and had lunch in a pub and napped through a film... so nice.
But I'm back at work today and my fucks are barren.
I'm in that London for the day tomorrow.
Got an agent looking for work for me, but its a 3 grand pay cut on the first job she's offering me up to. I'm going in just for the experience but ehn. The job front is looking shitty right now
permalink Best. Tweet. Ever.
permalink In Other, very very Stupid News,
I just found out that an ex of mine, who was always a bit tinfoil hatty, is not only trying to sue a mobile phone company for putting one of their sector antennae up near her house, thereby putting her health at risk from all that non-ionising radiation, but is also trying to get Morgellons Awareness Week off the ground. When my sister saw her last year, she told her that her ME was due to chemtrails from planes.
permalink oh dear.
without being unsypathetic a "what's really wrong" is probably the question.

permalink Fucking hell
"Morgellons Awareness Week" would cause actual harm.
permalink you are just worried they'll find out that you
chemists are putting in chemtrails.

permalink Dimmer skies
Are safer skies
permalink I mean
It's a disease literally transmissible via the internet (as is wind farm syndrome)
permalink That's what they want you to think
Are you sure you're not shilling for "The Man"?
permalink Oh and
she’s an anti vaxxer too
permalink Why doesn't this
Surprise me?
permalink I didn't see a contrail
for three weeks. It was quite nice.