thread Compost heap tidied up,
lots of plants mulched with compost, loads of branbles cleared, greenhouses hosed down. Looking forward to the next few weeks of planting stuff, and getting the whole garden (and indeed the beehives) up and running.

Phase two of the day's operations, making fish soup (this one:- ), some for tea, some for the freezer.
permalink nice
we have some tomatoes in seed trays, and out over-wintering pak choi and broadbeans seem pretty happy.

top tip. plant cavalo nero, done really well for us.

and dill and corriander in winter in the greenhouse has worked well also
permalink Cavolo Nero is one of my favourite veggies.
It grows incredibly well in our warmer greenhouse.

The soup tonight was, it has to be said, fucking *amazing*. We've tweaked the recipe a bit, adding a really nice trick with the prawn flesh blitzed in the stock. Just orgasmic.
permalink Ours is thriving in our raised beds
permalink Planted too many okra plants this summer
so am having to eat it several times per week just to keep up with the supply.
Luckily I have found a method to cook it where it doesn't get slimy.

Also currently harvesting kang kung, malabar spinach, bell peppers, chillis, pumpkins, ginger, tumeric, galangal, papaya, bananas, watermelons, lemons, limes and jasmine.
permalink cooking with anything acidic aparently, eg tomato
or vinegar

get you with your exotic selection though
permalink Didn't they soak in salt water beforehand
or something?
permalink baking the shit out of it?
permalink Water makes it go extra slimey
Stir fry seems to be the way to go, then add an Indian slice masala at the end.
Or stir fry then add to whatever else you are cooking.