thread My builder just rang to say that he could not get through my drive gates.
I went down and let him in and there was nothing wrong with the lock at all. I entered the code and turned the handle.

"Oh, anti-clockwise! You should have said"

This man is meant to be a builder.
permalink Is this your way of telling us
You have poncy front gates with a security code thingie?
permalink nah, he's living in a Big Yellow self storage unit at the moment
permalink No.
They open onto a building site.
permalink I'm imagining them to be somewhat like the gates at Willy Wonka's factory
permalink They are just wooden gates.
Stop being weird, you weirdos.
permalink Look, normal fucking driveway gates:
Gates with open wicket

permalink They are more like prison gates
Drive gates round here look more like this
permalink That looks like a field gate to me.
But either way, they are just gates, there is nothing weird about them, the fucking builder just cannot understand numbers.
permalink I assume the builders are in knocking up one of these:
permalink Of course.
permalink either they have very heavy cameras
or everyone has a personal ark of the covenant