thread After tomorrow lunchtime
I can do some interesting work.

It's just a bit shit until then.
permalink Right... I'd better get my arse along to Marble Arch to talk about
stakeholder engagement


Might have a pint on the way back to the office at lunchtime.
permalink agile
engagement, don't forget engagement.

and mention millennials somewhere.
permalink I still don't know what Slack is
but it got mentioned at work once and everyone nodded appreciatively, so say that.
permalink It's basically IRC
with extra annoying flashiness.
permalink Slack you say?

permalink which is what I always think
then remember some shit boutique in Leeds trying to sell photocopied flyers with him on for a fiver.

When I went to look on google maps I found a bar called the 'Friends of Ham'

It's been a rollercoaster ride this morning.
permalink 'shit boutique'
is pretty niche, you have to admit.
permalink it's Leeds
I wouldn't put anything past them.
permalink Friends of Ham?
I have questions...
permalink slicker annoying flashiness.
IRC had annoying flashiness, but you had to script it all yourself.

The best bit of being a mod of a big sub on reddit was the slack for our mod team. I still pop in now and again.
permalink I do not understand Slack in a work environment.
I mean, we have emails.
permalink That's like saying "I don't understand talking to people IRL because we have emails."
which I don't think you would. Slack is IRC, so it's more widely collaborative than emails, it's easier for multiple people to be in the same conversation. But it's not as demanding of attention as an actual conversation in person or on the phone, and you don't have to respond immediately.

So it's like a conversation with a group of people who are in the same room, but without the time constraints. So it's cheaper, because you're not taking people away from their jobs to sit in a meeting.

Also, everything's recorded as a searchable archive so you can always check back on what was said. You might want to see the justification for a decision or find out who actually dropped the ball.

And then there's the scripting side of it. There are simple responses, so if there's a link or something you regularly use but can't remember you can add a shortcut. Or you can do something more complicated. So in the reddit slack we had links to the wiki and to the automod script, and we could shadowban from the slack which made it much easier.

I get that it's not for everyone, but there are certainly justified uses for it.
permalink We are a software company, so we have some excellently scripted bots, BUT . . .
Whilst I can see why the channels are useful for teams working on a couple of projects to give everyone in that project team input and exposure, for me, having to look at literally every project, it is a nightmare to stay on top of. I wake up to 1000 messages of which 2 re relevant to me, and nothing to find them - I would rather have emails every time.

And I really would rather email than talk to people internally as well.
permalink So the obvious mechanism there is that slack is useful for your project teams
and you should be appraised of anything relevant via email by the project lead.

I like your use of "so", implying that of course a software company would have some excellently scripted bots.
permalink Yeah, I think so.
If you have decent engineers then they will be writing decent scripts.
permalink We use it. Well, as a company we do. I do not.
I have a friend who works there, but I do not understand the value.
permalink My stakeholders were engaged with
If you check back.

Not sure how agile it was.
permalink well going forwards
we need to uplift the feedback loop.

permalink I'll be cutting the feedback loop now
until I have turned the high-level vision into an actionable plan.
permalink Were any envelopes pushed?
Or wheelhouses exited?
permalink No. It's quite important the no envelopes are pushed too far
We need to stay within the etstablished limits of the more innovative envelopes that are proven in the marketplace.

I have absolutely no fucking idea what exiting a wheelhouse is all about, but I don't think one was involved.
permalink It's a septic one that I've heard more & more just recently
About being out of one's area of expertise or comfort zone

permalink What bollocks
I have exited the shithouse today, but that's about it.

Oh, and I exited the house.

permalink One septic thing I found out the other week
Is that when they say something was"tabled" the mean "shelved", not "discussed"
permalink Oh fuck!
I may have been judging someone inappropriately for almost six years.
permalink But that makes absolutely no sense at all
Silly Septics!
permalink I guess they mean
That they put it down, rather than keeping it in hand
permalink start using other items of furniture as metaphors
with great confidence so that everyone assumes it's a thing.

"Let's just sideboard that until next month and get the other project piano-stooling"