thread don't tell them where you are working?
just omit that from your CV

or tell them you are there for a short term project / covering an absense or something.

or just tell them you just arrived and it's a flaming nightmare.
permalink I think I'm going to go with option 3.
Honesty being the best policy and everything. I've just got to word it right to make it obvious it's not my fault...
permalink tough one because you have to make it clear you aren't picky
or will just leg it at the first sign of hassle..

why is it by the way?

perhaps discuss how you feel they did not describe the role correctly or that the situation changed as soon as you were hired, or they are poorly organised, or they touched your winky,

on another topic.. getting to nuremburg form London is a bloody nightmare.
permalink Just ask that
Mr Hitler!
permalink you get out quicker with
the spear of destiny tucked in your overhead
permalink God, now there's an 80s band
I hadn't thought of in many a year
permalink It's a mixture of 2 and 3...
After I accepted the job, but while I was still working my notice period at my old place, the new CTO arrived and changed the strategy, organisational layout, etc, and basically the job I was hired for doesn't really exist (and the nearest equivalent has been filled by someone who already worked here). So I've got almost nothing to do apart from a few tasks that should really be done by someone more junior.

Sadly, there's been no winky touching.
permalink maybe if you took it out and showed it around, that would help
permalink I believe Snapchat is how it’s done these days.