thread Oh is that today?
I always forget about that these days...
permalink The good thing about being a heathen
Is you can have pancakes whenever. Taunt the believers by having them on Wednesday, if you feel like being an arse for no good reason
permalink I've pencilled them in for the weekend
I won't get back in time tonight to fill the child full of jammy pancakes, so might as well do it saturday.
permalink the only reason i realised was i'm hanging out with some
wierdos on ash wednesday

it's been kind of odd having them on the 'proper' day
a bit like eating xmas food (which is really just an exaggerated sunday lunch i'd have down the pub)

edit: what i DID forget yesterday was data privacy day
permalink I put my data privacy day decorations up last week
.edit. I tell you what, my google activity is bloody tedious.
permalink I mean if you do have pancakes tomorrow
don't fucking message believers with pictures of you doing so because that would be super shitty
permalink a bit like Dawn Foster
(who I respect usually) doing mock outrage because apparently Jeremy Corbyn's media people didn't answer her enquiry as to what he's giving up for lent. FFS she's a lefty guardian journo she should already know he's an atheist she won't have asked Sadiq Khan the same question.