thread Today in "Chinese people adopting Western names" news...
I have been followed on twitter by a lighting supplier calling himself Bob Dong.
permalink Big Bob Dong
What a legend
permalink Years ago I worked with a Chinese guy
called Chong Chun Chak, which I could never say without giving it a Kraftwerk inflection...
permalink It’s like the laziest porn star name ever.
Ok, Bob, what’s your screen name going to be? How about Sebastian Thrust?


Er, Lars Throbstrong?


Mario Bangioni?

My name’s Bob. I’ve got a Dong. Bob Dong. Fuck it.
permalink I hope that is how his business card reads:

Bob Dong

Fuck it
permalink Any relation to
Big Bob Bee, who is obvs your friend.
permalink Oi!
You leave me out of this!
permalink 4rf!

oh gods, that tune never left my head.
permalink Yeah
that shit never got mentioned in school. No, never. FFS!
permalink Wasn't he the dude
putting boobs in Scotch?
permalink Bob log 111
Played at night and day in Manchester last night oddly enough
permalink He played Wellington about a year ago
I couldn't make it, but I was almost curious enough to go
permalink i've never heard of him before
he seems entertaining
permalink he certainly puts on a show.
I think he might actually live in melbourne so tours down under quite a bit

permalink I've got a small conference this week,
of about 60 people for three days. Someone else has sorted the speakers and venue, I've been left with the other bits.

When I started this job I had a similar thing and it was all a bit last minute, and I said I couldn't do it that last minute again. It turns out I can, only this time it's mostly my fault.

I think I'm on track. Just doing name badges now.
permalink I've still got Witchy's namebadger somewhere
this is no help to you.

from what I can tell, sorting conferences/meetings/that sort of thing is always a last minute panic. have you got good freebies? that's all people care about really.
permalink namebadgers

That was 15 years ago, don't we all feel old now.
permalink .
permalink huzzah!

I've still got a sheet of blanks somewhere.
permalink nice
permalink We had double food today.
The food we'd booked arrived, and so did the food for the cancelled NHS event next door.
permalink Oh joy
A bunch of pissed dundonians on my train from carlisle, I really hope the are getting off for a a weekend in Blackpool

They seem friendly enough, and are explaining the niceties of Scottish culture to the german students next to them.. apparently Hitler didn't kill himself, he fucked of to Chile or that
permalink i pitty the poor people of wigan but the collective releif
when they got off was remarkable.

permalink contender for
best out of context quote 2018
permalink agreed
its going on the list.
permalink Is that not what the song Voodoo Chile is all about?
*I know!
permalink That song is about Adrian Chiles
as any fule no
permalink I have not killed
permalink you deserve a gold

go you.
permalink short term good
but that pent up tension and all the cunts you've left roaming around the place is bound to have long term repercussions
permalink I've been tempted
you know those annoying fuckers who respond to emails with terse, single sentence (or even single word) answers, usually unpunctuated, and not really answering the question?

due to me misinterpreting one of these cryptic messages, I done a sizable fuckup today. Don't really blame myself - I could have double-checked but blame them more for not communicating properly - but it's making me look shit in front of a hundred-odd students. Fucksicles.