thread Big Bob Dong
What a legend
permalink Years ago I worked with a Chinese guy
called Chong Chun Chak, which I could never say without giving it a Kraftwerk inflection...
permalink It’s like the laziest porn star name ever.
Ok, Bob, what’s your screen name going to be? How about Sebastian Thrust?


Er, Lars Throbstrong?


Mario Bangioni?

My name’s Bob. I’ve got a Dong. Bob Dong. Fuck it.
permalink I hope that is how his business card reads:

Bob Dong

Fuck it
permalink Any relation to
Big Bob Bee, who is obvs your friend.
permalink Oi!
You leave me out of this!
permalink 4rf!

oh gods, that tune never left my head.
permalink Yeah
that shit never got mentioned in school. No, never. FFS!