thread I've got a small conference this week,
of about 60 people for three days. Someone else has sorted the speakers and venue, I've been left with the other bits.

When I started this job I had a similar thing and it was all a bit last minute, and I said I couldn't do it that last minute again. It turns out I can, only this time it's mostly my fault.

I think I'm on track. Just doing name badges now.
permalink I've still got Witchy's namebadger somewhere
this is no help to you.

from what I can tell, sorting conferences/meetings/that sort of thing is always a last minute panic. have you got good freebies? that's all people care about really.
permalink namebadgers

That was 15 years ago, don't we all feel old now.
permalink .
permalink huzzah!

I've still got a sheet of blanks somewhere.
permalink nice
permalink We had double food today.
The food we'd booked arrived, and so did the food for the cancelled NHS event next door.