thread In the social media age of Fake News and everyone being a cunt...
...people don't have enough attention span to find out whether something is a joke or not. If it looks at first glass like something to get angry about, certain people will love getting angry... then other people pile on without going to the source and finding out what they're actually angry about, etc...

Weird times.
permalink can I get everyone's attention *shiny thing*
selling Scotty's music bits.
Boyfriend has a good ebay account and is helping me manage it all. Let anyone you know if they might be interested. We could come over for a day for delivery if it means seeing youse lot.
permalink this has that thing that really pisses me off
people angry, not because they were offended / effected but because "other people" will be offended.
permalink 'widespread anger'
= one tweet, probably made up by a journalist
permalink What a world
We live in today