thread Not that interested in Women's day.
I mean, you have a majority, you have the vote, you can do literally whatever you want if you are a homogeneous group, and if you are not then what is the day for?

This is world proofreading day.

That shit matters.
permalink NB:
I do not believe much of that.

I mean, women are a technical majority, I guess, and it IS World Proofreading Day, but that's about it.
permalink What happens on World Proofreading Day?
Do we get pancakes or doughnuts or anything?
permalink we all send you email's with minor problems in
permalink you get duoghnuts and pnackake's
permalink and the winner gets a job
as a sub-editor at the Grauniad
permalink Your
all gay
permalink Was that DogHorse?

I miss the golden years.

permalink Heh,
I always liked that.
permalink hahaha.. a lad that shashes around with a not on the books hairdo
your priveledge is why womens day is important
fuckit a prick that has EVERY on a plate
and to blind to see
whines about his second house. ;)
i've just been to a a gallery opening of fucks like you with no understanding but the wallet
so they get greased and fauned and fuck you money

all you talk about is money... nothing about growth and development
you have a gun
permalink You really can be a bit of a tit at times, Riggers.
I really am not all about money, but I am privileged - of course I fucking am, I am an upper class, white, ostensibly heterosexual male.

None of that post is serious, as I am sure literally everyone else knew.
permalink just grow up
and start writing serious (and true) posts the hay days of your b3ta youth have gone
permalink No.
That is just terrible advice.