thread Already a bell end in the office has said
‘But why don’t we have an International Men’s Day?’ and was very surprised to find out there has been one for over 20 years. Mind you, as if proof of his stupidity was needed, he also said he was ‘360 degrees opposed to any kind of International day for any group’
permalink it's also World Kidney day apparently
so give thanks for your renal chums, and maybe stick some in a pie with steak later on?
permalink Was the latter
not just to cover up the former mistake?
permalink I would imagine so.
He's pretty wishy washy, and none too bright.
permalink Sounds like perfect
management material to me!
permalink Herring.
permalink 360degrees opposed is pretty odd way of putting it.

"x days" are often pretty contrived, and meaningless. the ones I can accept though are
Aids Day
International Women's day (not local women)
Red Nose
Nachos day
talk like a pirate
world sparrow day

permalink 180 dgrees would make more sense,
permalink or maybe that would just mean you oppesed the front, back and one side of it
I cant figure out if they are rotating the day, whilst looking at it. or standing inside swiveling round
permalink Or just a twat.
permalink never rotate a twat
permalink or nipples
they're not frequency dials.
permalink Though you get some interesting noises
if you do rotate them.
permalink *tweaks*
Hang on, was that Radio 4, go back a bit!
permalink Broadsword
calling Danny Boy
permalink Ha ha
Very good
permalink :)