thread The purpose of highlighting the achievement of a minority
within a majority is to normalize it. If we spend time talking about women business leaders then it becomes normal to have women business leaders. Eventually it won't be necessary.

I don't know if businesses in the north are predominantly run by men, I don't really care.
permalink Woman are not a minority
they are a majority.
permalink only in developed countries and by taking into account longevity
globally in total, and by both birth rate and for every demographic under 65 in the UK, males outnumber females
permalink Globally in total?

More births are male, but males are far more likely to die.
permalink Well bugger me!
That said, in the UK they are a majority and at 49.5% of the population they are not a minority in any meaningful sense.

We have inequalities which need addressing, but they are not the same inequalities (in a democracy) that minorities face. Women are not powerless to effect change
permalink they're a minority
in all the insitutions which effect change - national and local government, company boards, management, academia, political party membership etc etc etc
permalink This is very true.
It is why I do not eschew quotas in the short term.
permalink But what about quokkas?
Do you not eschew quokkas?
permalink Who among us can say we don't eschew quokkas?
I know I can't.
permalink Indeed
I mean, look at their little faces!

permalink He's a happy little
Setonix Brachyurus, and no mistake
permalink I misread that for a second and thought the genus was
permalink it's not general mortality but just longevity
there's a lot more women in the pension queue, which balances things out in total, but in every other aspect there's more men. I agree it's close enough not to matter
permalink I specified "women business leaders".
They aren't a majority.