thread In the case of awards
I would say it would only be condescending if it were men doing awarding (which it sometimes is)

But everyone knows awards (gender-specific or otherwise) are a load of nonsense - the ceremonies just exist as networking piss-ups, and it's a good thing for women to have some of those without men present, that's the kind of stuff that creates other opportunities without further intervention.

I don't really have an opinion on the sports stuff, as elite level sport is all a bit silly to begin with, and like you say, inherently ablist anyway. I'd pay-per-view for the Fat Fuck Olympics though.
permalink I think an event where it is all women is negative for creating opportunities - you want the men
there to see it.

I also think that if men are not involved in the awarding (or rather, if men are excluded) then you again run the risk of devaluing the awards.