thread Globally in total?

More births are male, but males are far more likely to die.
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That said, in the UK they are a majority and at 49.5% of the population they are not a minority in any meaningful sense.

We have inequalities which need addressing, but they are not the same inequalities (in a democracy) that minorities face. Women are not powerless to effect change
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in all the insitutions which effect change - national and local government, company boards, management, academia, political party membership etc etc etc
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It is why I do not eschew quotas in the short term.
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Do you not eschew quokkas?
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I know I can't.
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I mean, look at their little faces!

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Setonix Brachyurus, and no mistake
permalink I misread that for a second and thought the genus was
permalink it's not general mortality but just longevity
there's a lot more women in the pension queue, which balances things out in total, but in every other aspect there's more men. I agree it's close enough not to matter