thread Happy Friday everyone
what does your weekend bring? Going to head out in this morning's sunshine for a ride. Tomorrow is London for The Hold Steady in Camden and marshalling a bike race on Sunday

I'm doing RideLondon on the last Sunday of July. I'm looking for east london accommodation as the start is early doors at the olympic park. As I've been slow in planning all the hotels are HILARIOUSLY expensive already. Or sold out. I am housetrained.
permalink I'm on the train to North Acton
then I have a leaving do for a girl I really like and am going to miss a great deal. I just realised that I have not bought her anything.
permalink There is a Tesco outside the station
permalink An A to Z
and some anti-freeze is the way to a lady's heart.
permalink There used to be a garage but they closed it
permalink I bought her a bottle of Mastic Tears
to represent how much I would miss her.
permalink Party in a pub in Stockwell tomorrow night,
though I shall be taking it easy, as I'm not fully recovered from recent health shenanigans. Gym in the afternoon, though ditto. Fuck all planned for Sunday, though as I'm unsupervised for a couple of days, I shall be breaking out the bad DVDs. Gonks Go Beat anyone? Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death?
permalink Have you looked on Airbnb?
We are in Spain that week
permalink .
permalink I've checked and provided you keep the cat company and we can sort out a key drop
You can stay at ours.

You can even use the bike stand, track pump and local kebab shoedit- we are in E17 next to blackboard road so handy for Tottenham Hale and about 4 miles to the Olympic park
permalink I'm afraid my place is rarely free these days...
Even if I'm not there, the Spaniard is. I don't think we'll both be away then.
permalink have you heard from JoS?
he's been rather quiet since his birthday
permalink Funnily enough, I was thinking that earlier.
I haven't.

I will enquire via other channels. He's a good friend and I care a great deal for him.
permalink Still here
Just rarely due to horrid new work webnanny...

Sweet of you all to worry ;)
permalink While I remember
We will be in Sheffield on the friday night on the 13th ish of April if you fancy dinner in the Rutland arms or similar
permalink good news
have you tried sitenable?
permalink not sure, weather-dependent I might squeeze a bike ride in tomorrow but it's most likely...
...painting the bathroom (oh, the glamour) and various other DIY things I've been putting off.

Sunday is mother's day so we've got the MIL and rest of the wife's family round for lunch.

where are you cycling?
permalink you fucking twat
if yo'd mentioned this earlier you could have had my place
but i'm deep in ny moor
maybe next time

edit: how much has this OP changed? i might be able to help but typical me it's always last minute.. i mean the july thing
my place at the moment is a studio (haha) but i might have upgraded to a 1 bedroom by then (n17.. don't drink the tap water)
permalink Why, it's the Midlands Regional Brass Band Championships!
I shall be relatively briefly tromboning, following by beering at much greater length.
/Northern stereotype
permalink Oi you
Did you just sneak in to say that or have you been back here and I haven't noticed?

And of someone does something rude while you are holding a trombone, are you legally obliged to make a trumping slidey noise
permalink Haha, I have been back a good while, but mostly lurking.
Trumping slidey noises are my specility, and I also have a good secondary line in "wah wah waaah"ing when jokes are told in my vicinity. I believe these two noises to be 95% of the reason for the trombone's existence.
permalink rusty?
permalink Recently refurbished,
so rather shiny at the moment thank you!
permalink Tonight: Packing
Tomorrow: Packing (interspersed with watching rugby)
Sunday: Moving all my stuff to storage and moving into my sons room at my exes flat for a number of undetermined weeks

Try AirBnB

Edit: Move went fine - dropped my phone down the loo
permalink Did that help?
permalink It's in the troubleshooting guide
just after "have you tried turning it off and on again"
permalink Off to the Frozen North
tomorrow to see the lovely Mrs Witchy and gatecrash my sister's MiL lunch on sunday. My mum died 10 years ago but we still do summat for Dad since he was her 24h carer for the last few years.
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing are gigging in town too so rude not to go.
permalink My conference has finished, and it went well.
Just had a KFC in front of the telly. MrsJam is working this afternoon so me and Eve will find something fun to do. This evening we're out at a friend's for tea, then in out doing street pastors from 10pm.

Tomorrow will involve sleep.
permalink 'doing' street pastors
permalink About to go for a very long run
Not as long or involving as many peaks as planned due to the rivers being up, but oh well. It'll still be the longest run I've been for
permalink Long run completed
Although was only 44.4 km instead of about 56, due to inability to cross rivers in flood. So I'm not sure it really counts as my first ultra. Maybe my first trail marathon, I guess. Alive. Legs still work.
permalink I feel bruised
though I have to say a 10pm curfew on a gig (because Electric ballroom has a clun night after) is a fucking brilliant idea
permalink A Clun night?
Good to see the love for the Goons still going