thread There he goes *points*
Talking out of his arse again.
permalink You see, everything above here is satire - I totally support quotas as IWD and was clearly joking,
but I do think we let men down in a couple of areas, specifically domestic violence, mental health and genital mutilation.

There is not a single refuge for men in London and only 18 in the whole UK, but 40% of victims are male. Men kill themselves much more frequently than women do and nobody seems to have a problem with cutting the genitals of baby boys and I simply cannot understand that.
permalink you say clearly
but even as a woman it was so completely deadpan it wasn't at all funny and because you are so contrary at times it wasn't even trying to be funny.

you need sarcasm markers.
permalink Thing is,
a) You’re never ever intentionally funny,
b) It’s the kind of view you’re likely to hold and
c) Even if you didn’t it’s the sort of thing you’re likely to say just because you’re an asshole
permalink You always read my posts wrong, I think you think I am very different to whom I am.
I am also often intentionally funny.

Importantly though, I immediately replied to myself making it clear.
permalink For a given value of