thread Guess they airport adjacent underground station!
It's rally nice.

(Not notty ash and all taxes have been paid)
permalink Bahnhof Flughafen Wien?
Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas?
permalink Closer with the first one
I am now in a bakery and there is a sparrow inside.. it seems to know what it's doing
permalink Bratislava General Aviation Terminal
permalink Now
You are getting further away.
permalink Bring me back something
with marzipan in.

permalink Hmm is that a thing around here?
permalink I'm not sure,
keep your eyes peeled.
permalink I recommend just turning up with a ribbon tied in a bow on your old chap
and declare 'I drank some amaretto, that is close enough',.
permalink Is this you being
intentionally funny?
permalink What part of what you took time to think of and type there
do you think is valid in any way?
permalink Pretty much
all of it. I wanted to know if this was you making a joke, or some of your satire or maybe just some stream of conscious nonsense. It'll always be entertaining.
permalink You all lose
It was Nuremburg


permalink Any trials on?
permalink I am trying a few beers if that counts
. I would love people to think that all my years of terrible typing was all leading up to the really subtle clue in that post.
permalink Nuremberwang
permalink Great
my wife absolutely fails to believe that I could possibly have been laughing at the word Nuremberwang, and I am in the proverbial kennel of yore.
permalink Nuremberg is absolutely chocked full of tourists
Especially American, which is odd because getting a flight here was a nightmare from London so god knows how they all get here.

permalink Maybe they raced there in a group of offroad cars
Some sort of rally, perhaps?
permalink Oh really?
Actually this is probably right, this is all wankers with cars going to the nurburgring isn't it.
permalink It was supposed to be a bad
Godwin breaking pun...
permalink i got it, see my original guess the airport post for
a very sublte version
permalink Actually there must be some sort of conference, 70% of people here in the hotel are america
An 90% of them are men between the ages of 30 and 50.

And I can hear every single one of them talk from whichever corner of the bar they are in...

We should pack earplugs for our trip to Seattle
permalink I've made
a note.
permalink Given that im not home until about 8.15.
Will you wait for dinner? And what are we giving the cat for its birthday ( by which I mean, what am I having)
permalink I don't know, I might do.
And I don't know, I haven't been to the shops yet.