thread ducking hellBalls
yes london has had a few stabbings/shootings but i didn't realise it had gone international
friends of mine from paris glasgow and washington DC are worried about coming here in june because of the level of murders?!
one of my neighbours pretty much knows all the people that were recently killed and said it was simply postcode gang related

this stuff usually happens in the summer what the is going on?
and scoff did this news make it to nz?
permalink We have a friend who lives in Kent who doesn't want to come to London
because of the terrorist attacks. It's weird.
permalink London still has a lower murder rate than North Wales...
permalink In an onsen in Japan a couple of years ago,
I spoke with a couple of young Japanese students who were nervous about coming here on some student exchange thingy, on the grounds that 'Everyone in London carries a knife, yes?'
permalink now you know how it feels to live in Glasgow
which has a reputation that was almost entirely made up by a London journalist 80 years ago

my usual response is, "It's not like that any more - I've lived here for years and hardly ever been stabbed"
permalink I lived in Glasgow (Shawlands) for 8 years,
and only got into one fight, which I won. But I did know people who routinely carried knives, and had one acquaintance who got stabbed, and another who went down for carrying a gun.
permalink speaking of which
I've just invested in my first 'proper' knife, a Wusthof 8"

now to watch lots of chopping videos and bemoan all the wasted time of my life spent chopping badly with bad tools
permalink Never heard of Wusthof,
but a quick Google and they look pretty cool. I've actually got rid of two knives recently, and am now down to a kit of one big chopping knife, two paring/filleting knifes and a bread knife. I may be a right ponce in the kitchen, but I do like to keep my cooking kit lean and mean. Two small saucepan, one big one, a frying pan and a wok, and a few other utensils, and that's pretty much it.

Apart from two blenders, some baking trays and measuring things, an ice cream machine, an electric whisk, a foamer*, two thermometer, a smoker* and millions of poncey glasses, plates and bowls from all over the world.

And monogrammed chopsticks.

*Used once
permalink similar.
permalink And a creme brulee torch that's mostly used
for lighting snouts
permalink nose-to-tail eating?
permalink Yes*
**Well yes
permalink You do seem to get into rather a lot of fights
for a peace loving semi-vegan.
permalink One stands one's ground.
permalink my missus is in London today
can you all avoid murdering her please? I can't work the Tesco delivery app.
permalink I make an effort
To try not too kill people who's partners are unable to shop online, but I'm promising nothing.
permalink she survived
worst comes to the worst I'll have to start using Sainsbury's.
permalink First time I ever went to Noo Yoik
I was nervous as fuck because of the murders that got reported here but in a week the worst crime was someone getting hit with a metal skateboard during an argument at a barbeque in Queens after a ConEd feeder cable went and took down half the Borough and quite a bit of Manhattan. Oh, and 4 Bronx cops shot each other in the knees trying to quiesce a rampaging pitbull terrier.
permalink haha
i'd love to see that footage of the bronx cops!
permalink aye, me too!
No film though sadly.
permalink much of it is bollocks hype
by racist journalists.

Alsthough there is there is the problem of both police and other services having been cut to the bone, and the remaining cops being racist as possible.

anyway, this is excellent jazz https://open.spotify.c...