thread In an onsen in Japan a couple of years ago,
I spoke with a couple of young Japanese students who were nervous about coming here on some student exchange thingy, on the grounds that 'Everyone in London carries a knife, yes?'
permalink now you know how it feels to live in Glasgow
which has a reputation that was almost entirely made up by a London journalist 80 years ago

my usual response is, "It's not like that any more - I've lived here for years and hardly ever been stabbed"
permalink I lived in Glasgow (Shawlands) for 8 years,
and only got into one fight, which I won. But I did know people who routinely carried knives, and had one acquaintance who got stabbed, and another who went down for carrying a gun.
permalink speaking of which
I've just invested in my first 'proper' knife, a Wusthof 8"

now to watch lots of chopping videos and bemoan all the wasted time of my life spent chopping badly with bad tools
permalink Never heard of Wusthof,
but a quick Google and they look pretty cool. I've actually got rid of two knives recently, and am now down to a kit of one big chopping knife, two paring/filleting knifes and a bread knife. I may be a right ponce in the kitchen, but I do like to keep my cooking kit lean and mean. Two small saucepan, one big one, a frying pan and a wok, and a few other utensils, and that's pretty much it.

Apart from two blenders, some baking trays and measuring things, an ice cream machine, an electric whisk, a foamer*, two thermometer, a smoker* and millions of poncey glasses, plates and bowls from all over the world.

And monogrammed chopsticks.

*Used once
permalink similar.
permalink And a creme brulee torch that's mostly used
for lighting snouts
permalink nose-to-tail eating?
permalink Yes*
**Well yes
permalink You do seem to get into rather a lot of fights
for a peace loving semi-vegan.
permalink One stands one's ground.